Complaint regarding money transfer to SBI through PAYTM

On 23 January 2019, I sent Rs. 2000 thru Paytm upi to my Dad’s VPA which is linked to his SBI account. This txn remained successful but amount didn’t get credited to beneficiary account I. e sbi account. Amount got deducted from my PNB account but didn’t get credited to beneficiary account. I contacted Paytm. They asked me wait for 2 days. I waited but neither amount got refunded to my account nor got credited to my Dad’s account. I again contacted Paytm. They asked me to contact SBI with upi reference number as txn was succesfully initiated from their end. I contacted SBI thru all modes. I contacted them thru email, CMS, Twitter , Helpline number. When I called Helpline, Executive simply disconnected after saying we can’t help as you did txn thru 3rd party app i. E paytm. I have contacted Paytm again but they are saying the same thing as they have no liability and SBI is not even considering my complaint. I have all evidences to prove my point. Which I can’t attach here due to privacy reasons. Kindly help.

Vikram Sethi
NEW SURAJ NAGRI, Abohar 152116, Punjab

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