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Complaint regarding offers from Country Vacations

They laid down certain terms and conditions and explained the offer for about 2 hours, which I found attractive and hence agreed to pay a token amount of Rs. 45000/- using my Debit and Credit Cards.

After the payment,I asked them for a legal and formal agreement, on which they revert by saying that it will come to you via email soon. They even took away all the paper sheets where they have explained me about the offer.
They even asked us to switch off the mobile phones inside the hall, so that we cannot see the reviews of this fraudulent vendor online.

I came back home and see the reviews of the membership which stunned me and put me in a terrible situation. After sometime I received a mailer agreement of the agreement. All their promises were false and reviews also vouched for it.

Major False claims –
1. Annual maintenance charges were promised to be subjected to consumption while the agreement asked it to be paid each year irrespective of the usage.

2.Token money was promised to be refunded while the agreement claimed it to be non-refundable.

3.The membership offers lifetime membership of Gold Gym / Talwalkers and other such famous Gyms/Clubs, while the agreement did not say so.

4. We were even promised foe upto 45% discount on flight tickets, but nothing is mentioned in the agreement.

There were many such false promises made by the company sales representative, and most of them were false along with big hidden charges. Now those sales people are not even picking up our calls.

I request you to take necessary steps, and please try to reverse the transaction.

Kharadi, Pune 411014, Maharashtra

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