Complaint regarding performance issues with Jupiter 125
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Complaint regarding performance issues with Jupiter 125

I am writing to express my deep dissatisfaction and frustration regarding the ongoing performance issues with the bike (Jupiter 125).
I purchased from dealership (Aarna Motors-Lucknow). My vehicle’s persistent problems, which were previously reported but remain unresolved, are severely affecting my riding experience and safety.
There is a problem in which I have been facing problem since the beginning and I have already complained many times but till now no solution has been found. I was given the Jupiter and was told that now there will be no problem, the all the problems still exist with this Jupiter 125.
The distributor AARNA Motors (Lucknow) didn’t cater my request carefully even after 2nd service. I am very upset and now looking for exchange this Jupiter 125.
The issues I have been experiencing with my bike include:
Acceleration Issue: My bike continues to suffer from an acceleration problem that makes it difficult to ride smoothly and safely. Despite bringing it to your attention on 26.06.2023, this issue persists.
Foot Padding Not Fixed Properly: The foot padding on the bike is not securely fixed, posing a safety risk as it can dislodge while riding. This issue was reported just after buying this bike, yet it remains unresolved. I have told that It is a manufacturing defect.
Braking System Issue: The braking system on my bike has been unreliable, causing me to lose confidence in the vehicle’s safety. This issue was first reported to Aarna Motors in Jan 2023.
During second service (26.06.2023), they have changed the break shoes and I have to pay for the same. This worked for front break, but back breaking system still causing issues.
Lack of Smoothness: The overall performance of the bike lacks the expected smoothness, making it uncomfortable and inconvenient to ride. I previously highlighted this issue on first service (Jan 2023).
This continuous occurrence of these problems and the lack of resolution are causing me significant inconvenience and concern for my safety.
I believe that this is not only my right as a customer but also your responsibility as a reputable bike dealer.
I would appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.
Lucknow 226003, Uttar Pradesh

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