Complaint regarding refund due post flight booking cancelled
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Complaint regarding refund due post flight booking cancelled

I had tried to book a flight on 30th April. The flight that I booked was from Hyd to Kolkata for one passenger.  Upon booking, the site showed message that it would be confirmed within half an hour. Then within that time, I got a call from customer care executive telling me that flight booking cancelled due to operation reasons and they would refund the amount. I waited for a long time. Then after few week, I called customer care, they said that they have initiated the refund from their end and asked me to wait for 5-10 days. Even after that, I did not receive the refund. Then I contacted them again and again I explained everything and again they said the same thing. This time, I asked for transaction id for the refund transaction. They said just drop an email and I should be getting the information in the email. I again waited, I did not receive the transaction id, then again I followed up with them, upon which I was told that from their end its initiated and I should be getting email soon. And fortunately I got an email but the refund amount was Rs40, which should have been Rs6632. Again, I enquired about it, then they told its divided into two parts and I should be receiving the rest of the amount soon. I kept emailing them and asking them for update but every time they keep saying that the refund has been done from their side, and when I ask for the transaction id they ask me drop and email and wait.
I have only been doing this. I call them, email them, but its futile even after several attempts and follow ups So, I am pretty sure they are running a scam here. They just keep repeating the cycle so that the customer gets tired and leave the money. Hence, I am filing complaints now for the refund.

Hyderabad 500081, Telangana

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