Complaint regarding services by Nobroker

Complaint regarding services by Nobroker

Last week of May and First week of June (2022), I was contacted by NoBroker, an internet company engaged in providing property search service. They promised to provide me with a suitable property and collected a payment of Rs. 7078.82 on 4th June 2022 with an assurance to repay the same if they could not find a suitable property for me within 45 days. The payment was transferred from my bank account.
On 5th June (less than 24 hours after they took the money), I received a call from their “Customer Service” that they had no suitable properties and would initiate refund within 7-10 days. When I questioned them about why the delay, they claimed that there would be procedural delays from the bank side. I told them that no bank takes 7-10 days to process a domestic transaction, but they said they would try to process at the earliest.
Today is 18th of June, 2 weeks or 14 days since NoBroker have utilized my funds and are yet to return it. This is a team with zero accountability and no capability.
Further, on 17 June (Yesterday), I received a call from another equally inefficient team inquiring if I needed any furniture for the house that they had NOT provided me with. It sounded fishy and probably an attempt to avoid repayment of their so called refundable deposit! Extremely ridiculous and irritating experience.!!
I would like to see them prosecuted for at least Rs. 1 lakh, so they dont think about getting easy money from trusting customers.

Bangalore 560005, Karnataka

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