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Complaint regarding threatening calls from Bajaj Finance

I had taken a consumer durable loan from bajaj finance on 11-9-2007 for Rs 27000 at 0% interest. 4 advance EMI of Rs 9000 was paid in cash. The rest was to be paid by 8 postdated cheques of Rs 2250 each. The first emi was due on 15/9/2007 and last emi on 15/4/2008. Those cheques were cleared by the bank as and when presented. Please find attached the copy of my catholic syrian bank account during the period. I had enough balance in my account to honour the cheques and none of the cheques had bounced.
Some months later i got a legal notice from bajaj finance claiming i had a pending EMI payment. I presented my account statement to the branch manager at that time. He said it was a “technical problem” in their account and will be rectified.
Few years later i started getting harassing calls from collection agents from various parts of india who does not reveal their names and designation saying that i had a pending payment of 2250/- with overdue charges. When i said that all my emi cheques were cleared promptly, they became abusive. These calls come every 6 months and was extremely mentally harassing for no fault from my part. The pending EMI and overdue charges was amounting to about Rs 14000. When i approached the branch again with my account statement again, they said the manager in charge was not available and that the branch no longer deals with the said account. They gave me a phone number of one Mr Pxxxxxn Gxxxxxxe in Pune, the officer in charge then. I called him and sent a mail on 16/12/2015 with the account statement attached. I told him about the threatening and abusive calls and to sent me an NOC/ certificate of loan closure . He admitted that my part was clear and there was no pending EMI from my part. He told the issue will be cleared in a months time and the calls will stop. But i did not receive the NOC. The calls continued to come every few months which causing immense mental trauma to me.
Few days back i checked my CIBIL score to apply for a vehicle loan and found that it had plummeted to 651. And the page regarding the bajaj finance loan showing overdue of 900 days from period of Aug 2016 to Apr 2018. And a written off and active status to the loan. This is very damaging to my credit status and cause prevent banks to lend to me.
I send multiple emails to the consumer support portal of bajaj finance stating my predicament and and attaching my account statement. But i got no response from them other than an automated mail stating the service request number. I tried calling the customer care number multiple times from my registered mobile which says that my user id, registered mobile number and the service request number is not valid, and so i am unable to talk to any person to resolve my issue.
This whole affair has been a traumatising experience for me and i have been undergoing mental harassment for more than 10 years for no fault on my part and now i find that i lose chance to get loans / credit from any banks also due to the error from bajaj finance.

MEDICAL COLLEGE PO, Kozhikode 673008, Kerala

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