Complaint regarding Videocon TV servicing

I bought videocon tv with big happiness at 2016 with 5 years warrenty
now the tv not working from 1.5 years do i have to wait till 5 years for repairs from the company or what and when we called to the customer care they told will forward the complain to kolkata service centre kolkata service centre forward to siliguri service centre and siliguri service centre told us they don’t have parts from 1.5 years but they told me if i pay 5000 they will provide parts out of warrenty so is this policy of videocon company to give customers to fake promises why
if other electronics company in this position they will replace the tv but the videocon still waiting for the parts from 1.5 years do you think they are making or developed for me unique parts from the 1.5 years its really funny company

my first complaint maybe before 1.5 years is KOL3101100041 and again today 27th oct 2019 complaints no LP4858511910273

They gave me some reason which was in record they told
21 march 2018 case open
23 may 2018 case close customer phone not reachble (even I am in touch with the siliguri and kolkata service centre)
22 july 2019 case re-open
29 july 2019 case close customer phone not reachble (even i am in touch with siliguri and kolkata service centre)
29 aug 2019 case re-open
3 aug 2019 case close customer phone not reachble (even i am in touch with siliguri and kolkata service centre)
27 oct 2019 case re-open
i hope now also answer is cutomer phone not reacheble still today i contact to siliguri service centre they told me parts not available still

so my final question in this forum what i have to do
where i have to file the case to videocon company with 1.5 years compansantion
which number is actully i can get right answer because still i am contacting  customer care number .i want to case to videocon everyday Rs 10,000 conpansation with interest from 1.5 years I have reason also for that and i have recorded voice also from the customer care every time when i talk I think its enough to case againts videocon

santosh pradhan
Siliguri 734002, West Bengal

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