Complaint regarding wrong billing on patient by hospital

Complaint regarding wrong billing on patient by hospital

This is to inform you that i am not satisfied Charnock Hospital, VIP Road, Kolkata billing and rate because Charnock Hospital has not applied the rates as per government guidelines at the time of COVID 19 Pandemic. The wrong bill has been raised by Charnock’s pharmacy to me. The hospital has charged to me illogical expenses as per observed by me. The Pharmacy has not deducted any amount towards retuned medicine by hospital. I have consumed the medicine of Rs.51,000/- as an approx including Remedsiver within Seven/Eight Days. Can your hospital team justify the same? How that is possible? Hospital charged towards Store Items, COVID Kit etc. as per trail mail, which has not been utilized by me. But i have made the payment for the subject.

Further, I would like to bring to your kind notice that i got the 5 Remdesiver doses as per Discharge Certificate dated 05.06.21.instead of 6 Doses as per your mail. However your hospital has raised a wrong bill for 1 Doses but you have tried to me convince that the hospital team have given to Vijay Khema 6 Doses of Remdesivir.

I have sent so many times email but they have not replied and not accepted that they raised wrong bill as excess amount has been charged to me.

You are requested to look into the matter and resolve the same

Narayanpur, Kolkata

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