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Data entry job agreement cancellation

My complaint against this company Unitec solution company. Company registered office gujarat . I applied for part time jobs in quicker I got a call from a company name a unitec solution company  for part typing job on 15- 10-2019. and they said to pay me 25000/- for 12 days typing of 120  pages which is really impossible how much I try it. They have taken all my adhaar card, passward size photos, signature photo, altournative number , mail I’d& first they asked me to pay 400/- registration fees and than asked me to send & I’d pfoof I had sent them then they sent me and agreement not do workload on the mail. Which we saw is just impossible to complete in 12 days not in a agreement for there is no mention of there amount to job paid by them only liability charges is been mentioned of 10000/- which is to be paid every month . it is not mentioned before agreement . I asked them toconcell my work as its not sure data after doing my work I will get my payment no written agreement
So please concell my agreement they register my Mobil no.  Please help me i am a student and poor family person please help me quickly this is my second complaint I tell you please help me  they demand mony on 17- 11-2019 please solve my problems and concell agreement .

Vishal Mali
Chikodi belagav 591201, Karnataka

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    • Janvi on 01/03/2021 at 11:47 am

    Same incident happened with me there were 800 forms to be complete they told there is no need to pay anything everything will be paid by the company. The company is KT Jobs which is from Gujrat. There were 800 forms which has to be completed in 7 days which i had completed to and now they are asking to pay 6000 for the wrong form. So what about my effort that i put this 7 days without sleeping i have completed that work. And they are to me to pay, I am a college student and from a poor family who earns little to study. Please save me from this. Thankyou

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