Deduction of cancellation charges without proof by makemytrip
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Deduction of cancellation charges without proof by makemytrip

Since the last 11 days, MMT employee has been repeatedly harassing me and trying to convince me that Air Canada is levying cancellation charges on my parents’ tickets. However, both Air Canada and United Airlines have repeatedly advised me that there will be No Cancellation Charges because my parents will not be allowed to board the flight as the US is not allowing any transit passengers from India. Proof is attached.
When I asked the employee to give me proof of Air Canada deducting the cancellation fee, he refused on the pretext of privacy.
Isn’t it my right as a customer to know who is deducting my money and for what reason?
I paid MakeMyTrip INR 99,400 for both the tickets, these are the cancellation charges, per passenger, MakeMyTrip has advised me over email.
Airline cancellation charges :INR 18123
MakeMyTrip service charges (for cheating me) : INR 649
Conv.fee is non refundable (for harrassing me and my parents): INR 1,693.22
Total money deductions: INR 20,465.22 x 2 = INR 40,930.44
To Rub Salt on Our Wounds, they won’t also refund us MMT service fee of INR 1,693.22
I guess this is the best money making formula Make My Trip has.
May I please request your help to get back my parents’ hard-earned retirement money?
Thank you very much!

Kanwal Kohli
New Delhi 110024, New Delhi

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