Defective Oneplus 7 Pro delivered by Amazon vendor

I have received a defective product from Amazon, after paying 52999 for the phone. They are not heeding to any requests or mine nor is Oneplus. Please help me with this case, as they are literally cheating us by sending a defective product to us and expecting us to recognise the defect within 10 days and file for replacement. I has been hardly 20 days since I have bought the phone worth 52999, and it fails to work properly. I want to sue Oneplus+ Amazon for also providing me with the worst customer service for pushing me around asking to call one another without providing any form of help. I do not want yo get my phone repaired in any case. Why should I pay 52999 for a brand new product and get it repaired within the first 2 weeks of getting the phone. This is fraudulent from Amazon and Oneplus. I do not want a repaired phone. I NEED A REPLACEMENT IN ANY CASE. Please help me out or suggest any ways I could file a complaint and get my replacement immediately because they are cheating me.

Paras Shah
Bangalore 560094, Karnataka

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