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Defective washing machine not replaced by Haier or dealer

On 21.06.2017, I had bought a HAIER HW-55-1010/5.5 KG AUTO WM washing machine from Great Eastern Appliances Rajdanga.

On 24.06.2017, a representative from Haier Appliances came to our house to give the demo of he washing machine.
He unboxed the machine in front of us and found that 2 parts inside the washing machine are broken. So he took photograph of the broken parts and assured us that he will put a complain at the Haier Appliances and replace the machine with the new one since we have not touched the machine and it was found broken.

After that day Haier Appliances called us 2-3 times and was stubborn with their words that the machine will not be replaced rather it will be repaired . we have tried multiple times to make them understand that why should we repair the machine when we have not touched it and we want replacement but they were reluctant to hear us.

We have also went to Great Eastern Appliances Rajdanga multiple times and told about this matter since 24.06.2017 to till date but they are harassing us every time by saying that they will let us know but they never come back.

Now for the last few days the representatives of Great eastern Appliances Rajdanga from whom we bought the machine are not even receiving our calls.

This is utterly harassment which we are facing for the last 3 weeks since we bought the machine by both Great Eastern Appliances and Haier Appliances.

Now we want that either the machine should be replaced with the new one or the whole amount (Rs 16800) should be refunded back.

Pujarini Patra
Kolkata 700078

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