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Deficiency in the services by co-operative society

We are the resident of a village named Sonambe. Tal.Sinnar Dist. Nasik. we had taken loan sahkari patsanstha Maryadit sonambe. After few days we come to know that there is some fault in loan and interest computation of bank. So we requested them for giving proper accounts of our loan and other account held in our name in that bank.. And they had refuse to do so even after giving notices, as well as phone calls and personal visits to the bank. So we made an application to AR as well as DDR of our region but then also we did not received proper accounts. And in the meanwhile the bank has misused our cheques given as security for loan and deposited into the bank and the result of it was bouncing of cheque. And thus bank has initiated action u/s 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act. But the fact is we never denied to pay to the bank. All what we demanded is just proper accounts of our account. Hereby attaching the copy of notice on which their denial is written.. Please do needful and kindly oblige us by taking cognizance of this matter.

Radhesham Rathi
Dist. Nashik, Sinnar 422103, Maharashtra

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