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Demand for payment by Bajaj Finance for unapproved loan

I bought a LED last year in November from Croma, Bangalore. Once the bill was made I realised I had left my debit card at home, so i requested them for COD which they declined, just then Baja Finance guy “Rxxm Kxxxxxr” intervened and said you can take the TV through us and pay the amount in EMI without any interest. Offer sounded lucrative and they took a sign on some forms and delivered the TV to my house. As discussed next day I went and submitted the Cheque and house rental agreement. They confirmed an EMI of 1799rs will be deducted from December,2016 for 10 months, I agreed and signed off. February I received a call from “Rxxx Kxxxxr” saying my loan wasn’t approved since my rental agreement was blurry in image, they said we cannot process this. I told him well thats fine I will come up and pay the total amount at once, he said he had a better idea to transfer my loan to TATA Capital. I agreed went to Croma again met Rxxm Kxxxxr who introduced me to TATA Capital guy, i signed the docs again gave a cheque again to him for 1799rs once which would be recurring for 10 months. And in March,17 they started deducting that amount monthly until December,17 and it has not paid off completely. But, during this course of time I received innumerable calls from Bajaj Finance asking me to pay the outstanding amount, i replied to them always explaining the situation to atleast 25 customer service experts. Still unsatisfied they sent two guys for recovery amount, trust me I had it all when saw them at my doorsteps, still explained them the scenario and they went back. Couple of days later received an email from Bxxxxy from Bajaj Finance, asking me to pay the amount i gave him my bank account snapshots where the amount was already being deducted for the LED I bought. He assured that it will be taken care and yet again todat on 10th January,2018 I received a call from Bajaj Finance guy aksing for payment, but he was conversing in local language which i cudnt understand hence asked him to return call from someone who can speak to me in English. And recently got an update from my bank that my CIBIL score has been hit due to this issue. I need a speedy resolution to this, or else no option now but to file a case for defamation and claim justice .

Mayank Kumar
Kumarswamy Layout, Bangalore 560078, Karnataka

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