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Dominos pizza Boduppal, Hyderabad not providing bills

I walked in to the restaurant and am waiting to order, there are few others who didn’t take bill when they ordered. Cashier is giving order vocally to those who are cooking and she never entered the order in the system. These people are trying to avoid paying taxes. I have ordered butterscotch mousse cake and she just went in and gave me the order but she is not giving the bill. I asked, she replied there is no paper to print bill. I asked you didn’t even enter the order in the system, she entered and showed me the price, however he didn’t complete the order in the complaint. I asked to complete the order she did complete and there is paper and I had the bill.

Server: Gxxxxxi Sxxxxxxa
Bill total : 99/-
Invoice: 66567/19/51405

Please take action on this as they are trying to avoid paying taxes and me I am paying my taxes but it’s not reaching to government. Contact me at my email at any time

Vamshi K
Hyderabad 500038, Telangana

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