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Excess baggage charges by Qatar Airways

I traveled from San Antonio to Hyderabad through Qatar airways on May12th 2018 . I called Qatar airways customer care to understand the excess baggage fee. As per them, it would be as per American Airlines as my first flight from San Antonio to Hyderabad is American Airlines.

On May12th, I paid $100 in San Antonio airport for the excess baggage, I received all boarding passes till Hyderabad and checked in my luggage in San Antonio. Unfortunately, in Chicago Airport, Qatar Airways demanded another $250 and didnt give me any choice to negotiate. They threatened me that they will not allow me on-boarding I dont pay in next minute.

Ideally, Qatar airways shoudnt charge $250 as they should follow American Airlines baggage policy. I mailed, called qatar airways customer service ‘N’ number of times, but not getting proper response from them.

This is my eticket number – 1577143609583

sindhuri vajjala
Email: sxxxxxxxxxa@gmail.com

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