Fake agreement signed for online job

On 3 November 2019 around 12:20pm I got a call from a person addressing himself as an employee of onlineworksjob where he offered me ?28000  to do a work of form fillup where they told me to fillup 800 pages within 7days and have to maintain a 90% accuracy and if I can’t I have to pay a compensation of ?4000 and they ask my adhar card  details (by clicking the photos of it) for the registration and  gave me the link in the whatsapp where I was asked to open the link and after opening ,an agreement was displayed in the screen where I was ask to give my digital signature. After that I was given the user id and password which they asked me to login. After doing the work I found that it was nearly impossible to complete the task within 7days.Later I call them saying that I want to quit the job and then they managed to connect my call to the company customer service where I told the problem and they asked me to give a compensation of ?6000(not mentioned in the agreement about this amount) or else legal action will be taken.After sometime  I searched about the advocate where his named was mentioned in the agreement named Chetan D. Dhimar,where I found many complaints about him about a fraud advocate.This is the problem I am facing and its like a mental harrasment now.

Kuldipjyoti Goswami
Mangaldai 784125, Assam
Email: kxxxxxxxx4@gmail.com

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