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Fake offers from Online CSP company

On 15 May 2017 I got a call from 8xxxxxxxx5 Online CSP company and offered me 1 laser printer, scanner, web cam, swipe machine, finger print device, digital banner, VLE ID and KO ID for 15600/-, I’ve paid, after that the demanded for 1 lakh for transaction. if i pay one lakh RBI will allow to the business of 2lakhs per dya. after that need not to pay anything. I’ve paid, after few days they demanded another lakh and said that RBI is not allowing for onle lakh, it can not be processed until i pay another lakh. and this will be the final payment. that to i’ve paid, after few days again i got a mail stating that I’ve to pay another 49600/- as agreement charges, they wont process until I pay this amount and this will be the final amount. i’ve asked for them mail satitng that this will be the final payment and they sent. after twent days of this payment I got a mail stating that for password generation I’ve to pay another 2lakhs. they wont process until i pay this 2lakhs. when I ask about their previous mail they or not responding.

Keep on demanding amount another payment after one payment

Please help me out in this.

Jaffar Ali
Madanapalle 517325, Andhra Pradesh
Email: kxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6@gmail.com

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