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Faulty fridge sold and poor services by EZone Vikhroli

The retailer misrepresented facts advising us that the highest capacity fridge in single door is 215 ltr only, and as we were in a hurry they sold us the display item without advising defects in it, quoting that it was the only item available.

Upon receiving the fridge we advised that the door has scratches on it and requested it to be taken back. The retailer delayed response only to advise that they will only arrange for the door to be replaced. We reluctantly accepted. Once the fridge developed ice, we noticed that the defrost was also dysfunctional. We readily advised this too and again requested the fridge to be replaced. But the retailer and LG India advised that they will only repair. However the repair job was delayed. The LG engineer advised that the thermostat was also faulty. Eventually, when we complained to EZone Customer Care the retailer arranged for lodging request for door replacement.

The LG engineers however kept visiting our residence much to our inconvenience and treated us as the culprits. Eventually the door was sent for replacement in sealed box after more than a month. When LG serviceman opened the box the door was found to have even more dents. When reported LG again tried to prove we damaged it intentionally until their own engineer advised that the box was intact. Thus the door was taken back.

Finally in August the door was replaced along with thermostat. The door is again old repaired piece
with film instead of paint, and is already wearing off- nor does it match the original colour chosen by us, with logo and other stickers falling off. The thermostat too is not up to the mark and so the fridge turns off at lower settings, and bulb goes off every now and then.

To avoid any further harassment we refused any more repair jobs by LG. Thus a faulty item from the very inception has been sold to us and services have been truly pathetic. It is far from being new, and due to misinformation provided we have taken a lower size fridge, unfortunately trusting the retailer at the time of sale.
I thus request your kind intervention in the matter and arrange for full refund of the amount plus adequate compensation from the retailer.

Manish Singh
Vikhroli West, Mumbai 400083, Maharashtra
Email: mxxxxxxxxxs@gmail.com

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