Food panda failed to deliver food and cancelled order

I ordered food through foodpanda today at 9:47. It was confirmed and the page showed that the rider has picked up the order. At 10:50 when i did not receive the order i contacted the support as the phone of the rider was switched off. They replaced the order and the next rider called me and he has picked the order but cannot come to deliver. I complained against this absolute nonsense but instead of arranging the delivery they cancelled my order and offered my 50 couple as a compensation which i did not accept. I could not eat while i was hungry and i feel cheated thoroughly by the service. I need the system to be more customer friendly and a proper compensation for all the harrasment i faced. They also put the blame on the resturant though i had a talk with the Rider named Raj who told me he has picked up the order from the resturant.

Order ref no is s5lq-5wwl

Sohini Basak
Malad West, Mumbai 400064, Maharashtra

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