Form filling job frauds

Sir there is a company called as Flex Enterprises in Maharashtra ..and they had given me 10days to fill up 1500 forms ..I completed it within 7days and I rechecked my work and submitted it on 31st July 2019.and they tell that the QR has been failed .in the contract it was given that 90 percent accuracy …as I am very sure that there should be 95percent accuracy in my work ,I am sure that they have done some fraud ..and after a work they have double spaced it …while I had done my work correctly …so now they are asking me for the money ..I told them I will not give u the money ..they told they will take it legally ,I told them take it legally ..
If u Google the company it will be showing that there are lot of complaints against that company
So BE CAUTIOUS against such fraudsters
And the contract is fake sir . because the date of the company

Canster Mendonca
Mangalore 575006, Karnataka

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