Fraud agreement by online data entry company

I have applied for a job of online data entry seeing on social sites then they have call me and tell that his company named MP services from  latoor maharashta website provide me data to fill online in absolute free but they have a terms to made a agreement to complete their 1500 forms  project in 10 days but didn’t tell that if I m failed then he can claim for the payment of agreement of project fee Rs. 75000. He tell me only the price of project Rs 4900/- who deduct in the salery  of 1500 forms × 20 Rs per form = 30000 then he said give him ID proof I have send my driving license &  Aadhar s photos on his WhatsApp then he can doing some process to register me and said for the coll verification and said to say only yes on all the Question its a normal clarification I have says yes all the time coll verification ecxact what he said to me then he send me a id & password to work on there website but when I trying to login I found some error in logging  & trying to coll them but all of their no. Was off only the no. Who can call verify is on but can’t pick the phone I can trying many more time but she did not pick the phone then i can msg. Him on the WhatsApp whare I send   I’d proof photo to no to do the work then he maild me that he have legal authority’s to take action against me he have my  coll verification times coll recording  my gmail verification on agreement time an said to do the work after three days of agreement.  I have only 7 days time but i can completed it in the time and submit it but next day when I call’d to him to knew about my work then she said to send PDF file which is generated on the finale submission time and passward protected on the anther mail and tell about QC report is coming in three or four days but after one hour his QC report released I have see the report my QC is fails becose of 351 error but  I can’t check it becose some fealds are hidden where my error shows but his fealds are showing clearly
And after this the mail and msg me to pay him 75000 Rs  becose i  have failled  and his advocate can mail me to take a legal  action against me
Please help me

Shatrughan Singh
Pratapgarh 230132, Uttar Pradesh

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