Harassment due to boarding denial by Air India

Harassment due to boarding denial by Air India

We , the family members who were travelling from Delhi to Bhubaneswar by AI 0473 on dated 28/01/2021 faced the tragedy due to the non-cooperation from the Air India . Out of 17 members ( 12 PNR ) , only 12 members boarded and rest all not allowed to board and the flight depart 5 mins earlier in front of us .

1.      One Mother was left in Delhi while her kid boarded the flight.
2.      One Father was not allowed to board while his daughter  boarded the fligh.
3.      After several request not a single was accepted
4.      Intentionally making delay in the GATE ( 30B) for which we lost the other flight too.
5.      The entire group of 17 members travelling from Chandigarh to Delhi and faced severe issue in entering to Delhi as all the roads were closed ( FARMER RALLY / TRACTOR RALLY ) still able to manage with all web boarding passes before time .
6.      During the last minute they threated to de board some passengers too which was really the height of negligence.
7.      We bound to take the other flight ticket ( Vistatara) in the next day morning .
8. How mercy less could be the airlines ??????? A mother who was crying in front of the gate 30 B was not at all considered whose son was boarded in the flight

BHUBANESWAR 751003,  Odishaair in
Email: dxxxxxxxxxxxo@rediffmail.com

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