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HP Gas distributor not processing transfer

I had my HP gas connection with Vimal Gas Services(code-17222300), Sukkhipur,Jaunpur,Up-222001. As it was very far from my home I decided to transfer my connection to a nearer HP agency. So I gave my original connection documents to the distributer(Vimal gas services) so that my transfer paper could be made this is about 10 to 12 months back, Now am a bussiness person i dont have enough time to go to them everyday, but whenever i went to ask for “is my papers ready”,they kept on delaying saying that “we have a lots of work so come by next time will get ready”. and now when almost 11 months are gone they are saying that “we are not getting your original documents,we have it here, we will search for it when we will have time.” I am sick of listning to them. Now I want my documents any how.

Ringai Pal
Jalalpur, Jaunpur 222136, Uttar Pradesh
Email: vxxxxxxxxxi@gmail.com
30/05/2017 / 10:21 am

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