Insulin cartridge were broken during transit

We ordered ryzodeg penfill from pharmeasy. It’s for my mother Veena kamdar who is 61 year old and she is a diabitc patient.we generally pre stock this cartridge so that we never fall short of it in case of any emergency. So after 22 days when current stock completed she opened this package on 13 Jan 2019 and found that all 5 cartridges have cracks below, so when she tried to insert them inside her injection it spills from the side when she injects due to this cracks.Also this all refill came without box and mom did told this to the delivery boy but he said we generally sell this loose.This is clear violation under medicine regulation.Even customer care personal confirmed that their pharmacy tie up sell this loose insulin cartridges.

I immediately complained about the same last night via customer care on 13th and 14th Jan but the only answer I am getting from pharmeasy is that they cannot do anything though it’s not our fault because they don’t replace insulin after 3 days.

I still have insulin with me with medicine Intact and I told them to take them back and Inspect but they are just not ready to respond.Hence writing this complaint if something can be done about this.

Mihir Kamdar
Ghatkopar -east, Mumbai 400075, Maharashtra

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    • PharmEasy on 15/01/2019 at 3:12 pm

    We have checked the circumstances of the time when the order was delivered and observed that your order was accepted partially and that means the order was checked at the time of delivery.

    After the complaint got registered with PharmEasy, we called on the registered mobile number and as per the telephonic conversation with Mrs. Veena Kamdar, she has confirmed that at the time order was delivered the vials were not damaged or leaked.

    Furthermore, we would like to inform you that we will not be able to proceed on the return request as we abide by the PharmEasy return policy.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience that might have caused to you.


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