Issue with Acer SWIFT purchase from Amazon

Issue with Acer SWIFT purchase from Amazon

I bought Acer laptop (through Amazon) on Feb’21. Since then I was facing below issues.
1. Whenever I play any video in full screen mode, It sometimes freezes the screen for a few seconds. It doesn’t matter whether I play video on Netflix, Amazon Prime, You tube or any Video saved in my HDD.

2. Heating Issue. This issue I face whenever I put my laptop on the charger. The heating is so much that I can feel it on the keyboard. So I connect my laptop with a charger, Connect the HDMI cable to connect it to my TV, put my laptop on the table and after 1Hr it is heated up so much that I have to disconnect charging and HDMI cable.

I have raised multiple ticket but the problem was still there. the engineer came every time, do some fixes and leave. Few days after the fix, new issue occur, The system restarts abruptly whenever it is ideal for some time.

For this another ticket was raised on 22-06-2021, Acer engineer took the laptop and after multiple follow-up Emails, Calls and escalations. I got my laptop back after 1 month (After replacing the Mother board).

But I am again facing issues with the laptop.
It was working fine but on 18-09-2021 when I switched On my laptop, the screen went into black mode.
I restarted it many times but still no success. Then suddenly the blue screen appears and I have to again do all the things that we do when a new laptop is bought.

But since then I am facing a flickering issue with the laptop screen. It was increasing gradually. Earlier it flickered 1-2 times a day but now it’s flickering for 4-5 times and the duration is also increased. Not sure why it is happening and I can’t find any pattern in that. It happens randomly.

For this another ticket was raised and the engineer came and told that the screen needs to be replaced. But during the diagnosis, my current screen is loosen up and it moving freely.

I have waited very patiently till now and gave them ample of time to fix the issue but Can’t handle this mental pressure now.

So I want to file a legal complaint against acer India and request them to either replace the defective laptop or give my money back.

Pune 411017, Maharashtra

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