Issues with Yamaha Bike FZ250

I have Yamaha bike FZ 250 – 2018 modle, past 6-7 months I am facing issue with handling, I’ve reported this issue many time in service center they alway do one thing that loose antide the handle cone set,

I’ve logged complaint in @indiayamaha they asked me to visit service center again we checked the cone set and it was fine as per the service center I don’t want it to be replaced without any reason,

After a week again the issue occurred, I’ve contacted to service engineer he inspected bike and gave clean cheet, then again I logged complaint with indiayamaha again they asked me to visit service center,

I want the issue resolved in my bike . And also I want it to be resolved under warranty, service center should not asked me for any charge for a part which is not been used beyond its capacity

Durgesh Doifode
Mumbai 400070, Maharashtra


  1. Hai sir my name is sathyam I bought fascino bike may 11 year 2018
    Ofter one yaer complete my bike boare damaged I complent to Yamaha show room but not clear my ishu at the moment I have given my bike 40days but no response in dealr ship person
    My 4th servicing in Yamaha pearal kukatpalli but he didn’t taken my fourth servicing receipt not write in book that’s my problem he told him not come worrenty
    Boare damaged mekanic told him no changing oil that’s y bike boare is damaged but I servicing in time iam not agry please solve my problem sir

    • ICF on 19/07/2019 at 11:27 am

    Please submit your complaint at

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