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Misleading 4G offer from Vodafone

I am sorry to say but Vodafone is a big disappointment. I upgraded my postpaid number from 3g to 4g and as per company offer they are offering 4 gb data. I got my 4g postpaid sim on around 10 june 2017 and next day i call customer care and he said that i can use the data as i have got 4gb and it will not add to bill. I only use internet for 1 day and i got message that it is added to bill.

Vodafone company added the internet usage to my bill. And today i call customer care to discuss the issue , first of all my call was connected in 17 minutes and the person named Nxxxxt SxxxxxH customer care agent was on call and when i asked him why internet use is added to my bill inspitr of having my 4gb data then he said that ” chillaye mat . delhi wale hote hi bewkuf hai.” When i said what then he replied that sahi to keh raha hai” . This type of customer care agent is sitting for customer servicr . Dont have single behaviour attiquets how to talk to a customer. When i asked him to transfer the call to senior then he said dhamki mat do.l wrna call cut karunga.
You are making fool of customers. Giving offers and then adding it to the bill cycle. This is not be accepted. Worst servicr and worst customer care. I have all the recordings of that call. And how can a customer can use 4gb data in a singe day.

Amir Choudhary
Email: axxxxxxxt@yahoo.ca
23/06/2017 / 12:51 am

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