My flipkart order got cancelled automatically without information
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My flipkart order got cancelled automatically without information

I have ordered “Safari Mosaic set 4w trolley’s” on 15th July 2023, the total amount i paid is INR 3315 along with 15 supercoins(each super coin is INR 1/-) which flipkart is providing for flipkart plus members at that time. as per the flipkart promised delivery date is 21st July 2023. But it wasn’t delivered as per the promised date, instead extended the delivery date to 29th July 2023 after i have contacted the flipkart’s customer care over the phone on 21st July 2023 they promised that the order will get delivery without any further delay. And now today 29th July 2023 i got a messagef and mail from flipkart that the order got cancelled and i rechecked the same in flipkart app too. later i came to know after speaking with flipkart’s customer care agent that because of the logistics issue from the flipkarts side order got cancelled. They were simply saying that to reorder again the same it will get deliver. But as of today (29th July 2023) the price of the product which i ordered got increased to INR 4099 which is INR.769/- extra. So i have requested the flipkart customer care agent to reorder it from their (flipkart) side instead of refunding the money to me so that i cannot pay any extra money from my pocket. But they refused to do that and denied to escalate this issue with their higher officials by replying me that their managers are too busy to connect itseems.
Now i have to bare that total extra amount from my pocket becuase of flipkart’s mistake and also the mental tourcher so far by calling the customer care agents again and again for diconnecting my calls while speaking with them which doesn’t resolved my problem.

Gudur 524101, Andhra Pradesh

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