Myntra account ban, refund of Rs.4512 denied

Myntra account ban, refund of Rs.4512 denied

I have been a customer of Myntra for more than 10 years and now I receive a sudden message and email saying my account is banned for the security of the company, and that there have been some violations under Clauses 4 and 12. Without providing any prior notice or a warning. and as per my knowledge, I haven’t done any such activity to harm the brand instead I have purchased 100s of products from this website. On raising complaints I received no help other than their sorries. I didn’t receive any reason for the ban and this is highly unfair and unethical.
My account had a credit balance of Rs.2662 which they are refusing to refund and a return of a product worth Rs.1850 which has been denied by the brand to refund.  Please look into the matter and resolve the issue urgently.
Raichur 584102, Karnataka

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