Non resolution of service issue by ACT Fibernet

I raised a complaint with ACT Fibernet regarding my internet connection. It had stopped working. It has been more than a week (Service request raised with ACT on 31st Jan 2020) and is still not resolved. Till now nearly 3 technicians have visited and all have given different reasons for the problem. 1 said it was router problem. 2nd said it was water coming in thru the cable so the wiring had to be changed. 3rd came today on 8th Feb 2020. First he said it was configuration problem. Did something and left. Within an hour I lost internet connectivity again. Raised a new request with ACT at around 11 am. The guy calls me and tells the issue is with router and he needs approval from Manager and can come only by Monday.  While my issue will not be resolved for 10 days.

Regy Issac Painumkal
Bangalore 560011, Karnataka

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