Order cancelled by Zomato arbitrarily, without delivering food

Order cancelled by Zomato arbitrarily, without delivering food

I have ordered food , but Zomato delivery boy did not deliver the order & it was cancelled by them without informing us. When asked for the order, Zomato delivery boy rudely replied that my mobile was not reachable & hence they have cancelled. Now my question is when proper address details are provided with landmark , why the food could not be delivered at my doorstep ? Please note every time we receive our orders at our doorstep . They have not refunded my money too ?
Secondly Zomato customer care number is also not provided in the app (Zomato). How can one contact the customer care representative in case of such urgent situation ? This is not at all acceptable . Please do necessary action so that such harassment will never happen .

Bhubaneswar 7510021, Odisha
Email: cxxxxxxxxl@gmail.com

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