Panasonic Window AC trouble – 5 service visits in 3 months

Bought Panasonic window ac on 12-03-2017. Last routine seasonal service conducted by Panasonic team on 5th March 2019. In April reported “No cooling” complaint. Was told by Panasonic that there is no gas so filled gas for Rs 2200/-.

In july 5 2019 again no cooling. Panasonic confirmed no gas again. This time replaced the coil also and charged Rs 7000/-

17th July AC is leaking water from front panel which is very unsafe also. Service engineer said previous team did not clean AC properly and fixed it.

July 20, again registered same water leakage from front complaint. This time service guy says that the AC was not fitted properly by panasonic team 2 years ago.
Plus the coil recently replaced by panasonic is lying loose and not fitted properly.
Why am i suffering. I demanded replacement of the product. Wrote to company management also including CEO. No resolution to my problems provided. Why should I suffer for the quality issues with Panasonic Product and Services.

Sohrab Azad
Dwarka, New  Delhi 110075

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