Red bus and Anand Travels not allowing to prepone ticket

I had booked around 4 tickets from Redbus of Anand travels bus. Due to certain circumstances I had to prepone one ticket. After asking Anand travels branch at fort , they told me to talk to Redbus customer support. I have been talking to them and all that i get an answer is i cannot cancel partial ticket. if i want to then i will have to cancel all the 4 tickets and book it again. i told them i do not want to cancel the ticket i just want to prepone one ticket as there are tickets available of the same bus in same fare price. But i am not getting any support.
Even in train ticket booking you can cancel one ticket and rest remains same. But in Redbus there is no option for that. Bad service from Anand travels as well as Redbus not a customer friendly site at all.

Lonita Dias
Bhyandar east, Mumbai 401105, Maharashtra

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