Regard Park Holidays holiday package

Regard Park Holidays holiday package

Park holidays team had booked Hotel Alcor in Jamshedpur to organise membership enrolment drive in the month of September 22.
After all there false commitment of providing trips to Maldives as an Asian country complimentary trip after initial payment of 1.50L but after free days they have stopped entertaining calls and suddenly it was confirmed that they don’t have property abroad and they will arrange 3-4K beach resort after payment of exchange amount of 25k and which in deed will result in actual cost of the hotel.
Whereas they have agreed to arrange flight tickets and while asking for it there has been no response from park holidays international.

I had asked for mail id if both the executive they said they don’t have it as company don’t provide to there executives. While making promises they has agreed for water villa and activities which includes food package along with one side sea plane but nothing is as per promises by team park

Jamshedpur 831004, Jharkhand

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