Regarding arbitrary cancellation of order by Flipkart vendor

Regarding arbitrary cancellation of order by Flipkart vendor

It is regarding prepared order on 14 July and Seller cancelled my order without notification. As per status It was already reached to my nearest Flipkart hub on 15th July. Delivery confirmed 15th July 11 PM . it is not delivered on 15th July New delivery was 16th July 11 AM and not delivered.

I raise compliant in Flipkart and they promised they will resolve it by 21st July however this was further extend to 22nd July, I received a call from Flipkart and they confirmed they will make delivery by 25th July, however, I received cancellation notification saying “listed item has been cancelled by the seller as their courier service provider could not reach you despite multiple attempts.” They processed refund but I am not looking for refund. I am looking a product.

Your support on the same would be much appreciated.

R.K.Singh marg, Mumbai 400069, Maharashtra

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