Regarding defective Redmi Note 6 Pro phone

I bought Redmi Note 6 Pro from on 7th of December. Recieved the phone on 10th. From that onwards i had issue with losing network on its own. Even when other phones around me with same network were working fine. I thought its a faulty sim. Got my sim replaced even. On 23rd of December i gave complain in mi regarding the same. They asked me to update the phone and reset it, which i did. Still the problem persisted. I asked them to replace the phone as its a faulty product. The service centre people also denied doing anything about it. Twitter platform also didnt help. After 6-7 replies they bothered to reply only once and since then not responding to my messages as well. I will be suing them in consumer court if they still dont respond. Now its not about a faulty phone anymore. Its about taking a customer for granted. 16k is not a problem. Its the ethics. I will make them pay, anyhow.

Soarabh Nain
Faridabad 121001, Haryana

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