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Regarding Janalakshmi loan repayment and closure

I have availed a loan from janalakshmi loan provider for small traders through group of 20 females and I have been paying my emi regularly to bank and during last year November janalakshmi owner died and said the statement during his death time that consumer’s who availed loan with janalakshmi does not want to pay back the remaining loan and this issue has been national level raised and published in media also and so the collection agent people have not come for the collection for the period of 4 months and thereafter bank said to pay the remaining loan and I am paying the loan on time and now I have received a advocate notice from the bank stating that I have to pay the remaining amount with the interest and also people availed along with me have their pending which should also be paid my me otherwise action will be taken. I am ready to pay my remaining 4 months due but I need closure l letter from the bank and which the bank officials say me that it is not possible to give the closure letter and asking to pay the remaing dues with penality immediately.

please concern authorities take necessary action and sustain justice

nithya sriniasan
Perambur, chennai 600011, Tamil Nadu

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