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Regarding Milagrow Blackcat Cleaning Robot Vacuum Cleaner

We have purchased Milagrow  Blackcat 7.0 Cleaning Robot Vacuum Cleaner with bill dated June 19, 2017 and was facing below problems within 2 months of purchase:
1.       Mopping of floor is not properly done – Floor doesn’t get clear – Many times water does not come out
2.      Parts of machine frequently broke
3.      Sensor does not work properly – Few times machine falls
4.      Time setting not properly working

The complaint for the said was made via email on March 08, 2018. They arrange the pick up several times in between. However, the same didn’t happen. We have contacted the company afterwards several times. They asked for delivery of the product at their service centre and my brother Mr. Roopam Oswal in person himself delivers the product at their office in NCR on October 29, 2018. They after receiving the product request us to pay additional amount of money to start the repair of machine to which we refuse as we made as we have contacted the same before expiry of warranty period.

Request you to ask company to reimburse us the total cost of product since we have made enough efforts to get the product fixed but it never happened

Shubham Oswal
Ajmer 305801, Rajasthan

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