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Regarding motor insurance claim under HDFCERGO policy

I purchased the policy with HDFCERGO on 22/11/2018 (Issuance date), valid from 31/12/2018 to 30/12/2019. And at the time of buying this policy there was no claim on my old policy. There was an unfortunate accident around 20/12/2018 and made a claim in old policy.

There is an another claim now on new policy because of accident around 10/02/2019, hdfcergo is not processing my claim saying that i have falsified information related to NCB. which is not the case.
And also hdfcergo policy document says that in case of discrepancy hdfcergo should notify the customer and provide 20 days to pay the balance and hdfcergo says they have sent the communication. I asked them for proof but they again were not able to provide and now not processing the claim.

My car is stuck in service center for past 2 weeks and causing lots of issue on personal/commuting front.

Please help in getting this resolved as hdfcergo is not listening logic or providing proof of communication that they are supposed to send.

Prashant Majhwar
Mysore Road, Bangalore 560039, Karnataka

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