Regarding non-delivery by, no response from them

Regarding non-delivery by, no response from them

I am writing to bring to your attention a distressing situation I find myself in due to an order I placed on the website nearly three weeks ago. The order, which pertains to personalized neon lights bearing the Order ID #5110, was accompanied by a payment of Rs 2141/- made through my credit card. Regrettably, I am yet to receive the product I paid for, despite the passage of a considerable amount of time.
My concern deepens as my attempts to seek clarity on the order’s status have met with deliberate neglect. Curiously, I discovered a pattern where my messages and calls were ignored as long as I used my regular contact information. However, when I initiated contact through a new WhatsApp number, posing as a potential new customer, I did receive responses initially. This interaction abruptly ceased once it became apparent that I was an existing customer.
This situation not only raises suspicions of online fraud targeting unsuspecting customers, but it is also indicative of a premeditated effort to sidestep accountability. I have repeatedly tried reaching out to their customer care through calls, only to be met with silence. Adding to the frustration is the lack of any update regarding my order on their website.
What exacerbates this concern is their continued online activity, where they make bold claims of swift delivery and inundate online platforms with spammy content. I find myself in a precarious position, having paid for a product that seems to be eluding me, while the platform responsible carries on with apparent impunity.
I implore your assistance in resolving this matter. The need of the hour is to hold such platforms accountable and ensure that innocent consumers are not left to bear the consequences of these unscrupulous activities. These practices cannot continue without repercussions, and I earnestly request your intervention to rectify this situation.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Hyderabad 500060, Telangana

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