IRCTC refund not received from HDFC SmartBuy

IRCTC refund not received from HDFC SmartBuy

I booked an IRCTC ticket booked on May 10th for 4 passengers to travel on June 18th. I canceled the same for 1 passenger on June 15th, and then further for the remaining 3 on June 17th. The refund amount for the first cancellation was Rs. 600 which got credited to my credit card statement. The refund amount for the second cancellation was Rs. 1770, which hasn’t yet been credited to my card (as of 18th Aug 5:37PM when I’m writing this).
I’ve been following up with the SmartBuy team for over a month, but it seems to have reached no conclusion. I even raised a grievance with HDFC Bank, e-mailed HDFC SmartBuy’s escalation team, all they seem to do is file tickets and request for 48 hours to “resolve the issue”.
Every customer care person I’ve spoken to in SmartBuy has no idea, and starts with a generic reply stating “Refund is processed on June 19”. They have no idea that their team had processed a second refund for my case on July 25.
Then, I have to explain to them that I haven’t received it, show them my credit card statements, then after all this, they file a ticket, request for 48 hours, proceed to do nothing, then cycle repeats. Even their escalation e-mail gave the exact same reply, “processed on June 19”.
Bengaluru 560048, Karnataka

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