Refund from – Rs.13,732/-: | India Consumer Forum

Refund from – Rs.13,732/-:

Refund from – Rs.13,732/-:

Asif Khan of Kulupwadi Boriwali East, Maharashtra ordered for a Nikon camera on 02-02-2013 with He received a mail stating that there will be a delay in delivery and therefore Mr. Khan cancelled the order. However, Mr. Khan was surprised to find that the order was delivered despite cancellation. Since he had already bought a camera from the market he requested flipkart to arrange for reverse pickup and refund the money. However, despite repeated reminders the money was not refunded. Mr. Khan posted his complaint with ICF on 03-03-2013 and the matter was taken up flipkart. Mr. Khan finally received his refund by 15-03-2013. - 27.04.2013Boriwali East, Maharashtra

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