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Regarding passenger service from Air India

I had booked a return flight with Air India. Bangalore to kolkata on 19th September, Kolkata to Bangalore on 4th October. I had deliberately chosen a return flight in the afternoon so that I travel back in good time and don’t have to travel late alone. My return flight was for 14:15. PNR YE7VL. Booking ID NF7262297167477.
This flight was cancelled and I was put on a flight which was scheduled for 20:45. This flight was further delayed till 21:20 and the actual take-off happened at 21:40.
I had made multiple calls to customer care and requested them to provide me with either airport accommodation or a secure cab back home. Customer care informed me that they can’t do anything but maybe the airport staff might. I spoke to the representative at Kolkata airport, who very rudely informed me that it was my fault that I did not cancel the ticket and take the money back. They paid no heed to the fact that booking a new ticket at the last minute would cost a lot more and offered no help or solution. I landed in Bangalore at 12:10 am, I was not getting a cab for 1 hour. After an hours wait I managed to book a cab and returned home at 2:30 am.
The entire reason for my booking an early flight was so that I didn’t have to travel alone late. Air India made no efforts on their end to help me out of this inconvenience they caused, which is why I want to formally raise a complaint against them.

Ahona Mazumdar
Asansol 713304, West Bengal

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