Regarding poor services and refund from Healthifyme
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Regarding poor services and refund from Healthifyme

I enrolled myself on the online fitness service called healthifyme looking towards their promotions on social media. Unfortunately when i started with it the services were worst like i asked not to call in the working ours they still kept on doing it. Every time when i asked them to change they said that their system is set accordingly and the coach cant reset it.

As i did not found any change and i started having pain in body and started feeling more restless i asked them to refund, as also i was not in mental state to afford the financial loss due to covid situations. But they denied for refund although they themselves agreed that i stopped using the service of of the problems mentioned and they convinced me to continue and they will give me complete renewal for it as a matter of guilty. again i started with the service these year. the worst experience again . They kept on changing the fitness exercise plans and though i told them i am beginner they gave me exercise which gave me injury in my hand, due to which i could not perform any task for 3 days. Also when i asked for solution they said that you need to watch video and perform the exercise. No solution towards it and when ever i write them a issue a new person is there to whom again i have to narrate all the things i had. Anytime plan gets changed for fitness anytime they will call and when complaint is made they only appologize and repeats the same thing again.

i am really tiered and frusatrated of all these and require my complete money as i have not used their services also their services are not worth for it. because they only care for process and not for the fitness wellbeing which is the main service. kindly please help

Vadodara 390016, Gujarat

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