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Regarding refund from Snapdeal

So basically I purchased an AC from snap deal sale. I tried paying through my card twice but the transaction flunked both the times however, the cash (Rs 18000) was sent to snap deal without order placement.

I have been writing to Snapdeal ever since that time but have received no response. The only response I got once long ago was to submit a statement of my card account. I do not understand this, when we buy things that time nobody requires any statement or anything but when these people have to refund our money they need account statements.
Furthermore, I am sick and tired of writing mails to this disgusting website’s helpdesk. They have a pathetic service quality.

Please understand that 18,000 is a huge amount for an average middle class Indian. This is the last time I’m writing anything related to this order or else I will directly move to the consumer court regarding this matter because I don’t think Snapdeal is in mood to refund my money.

Tanishk Tripathi
Chennai 600101
Email: / 05/05/2018 / 1:56 pm

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