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Handbag stolen while travelling in 2nd AC from mumbai to bhopal

I was travelling with my 6 year old son from panvel to bhopal by train number 12617 Ernakullam Nizamuddin Mangla Lakshdweep Express in 2nd AC on 3rd May 2018 PNR number 4864182171. My handbag was stolen in the middle of the night after the train left Manmad stataion. When i got up, while the train was still reaching Khandwa station, my bag was nowhere to be found. My bag had my mobile, a kindle paperwhite, 1400 cash, a yes bank debit card, licence, a watch, sunglasses and reading glasses. I immediately informed the TTE in the train. He asked me to contact on the emergency number 182. With the help of my fellow passenger, i borrowed his mobile and contacted on the emergency number. They again asked me to dial another number which belonged to the CRPF team of bhopal, i gave all the details and the CRPF officer bhopal said, that someone will get the FIR to me on Itarsi station. After some time i got a call from GRP team Itarsi on the fellow passenger’s mobile and again took all the details. And when Itarsi station came Mr. BXXXXXXXXXXXa (name as mentioned on the FIR) came to my seat amd handed me the copy of my FIR. There was no guard on duty in the compartment and even the attendant was fast asleep when the incident happened. I had to get down at bhopal, but i had no money and no means of communication to contact my family. I had to borrow phone from the fellow passengers to contact my family. The train was more than 5 hours late to reach bhopal. I had no money to even feed my son in the morning. Its been 2 days since the FIR was lodged and there is no communication from the GRP or CRPF team. The mental harrasment has made me contact you as my last option. Even after buying train ticket worth 5000, equal to the price of a flight fare, there is no security in the 2nd AC. Have i been travelling to some unknown city with no family or friends, i would have been in total distress. Please help me finding a solution to the mental harrasment that i have endured.

Nidhi Patel
Navi mumbai 400705, Maharashtra
Email: nxxxxxxxx0@gmail.com


    • ICF on 06/05/2018 at 10:13 am

    Hi, It is very unfortunate that this incident happened. We suggest you register your grievance at https://pgportal.gov.in/

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