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Regarding wrong finance charges by One Credit Card

I am holding One credit card . This e-mail is regarding the incorrect and unjustified interest charges that are levied on my credit card. As per my October,November, December and January month statements , there are constant Financial charges that are levied on my card, though I cleared all the payments within the grace period by availing grace time of three days as per the guidelines issued by RBI. I had to avail the grace time as I had undergone eye surgery and wasn’t supposed to use gadgets and also my father had severe cardiac arrest because of which as a family we suffered a lot mentally, financially, physically and emotionally. Even after clearing the total outstanding amount within the grace time period, you people have incurred me huge charges of 53000 INR inclusive of GST. In spite of having number of conversations and coordination on twitter, you people are reluctant to reverse the charges. This is absolutely unacceptable and personally I am unable to deal with the stress as I had recently incurred huge expenditure with the constant emergencies surrounding our family. I am dealing with huge problems already and I am not in a Position to bear such huge charges. This is leading to a lot of harassment and stress. I request your good self to kindly reverse the charges and enable me to continue my long lasting relationship with One card. I am also a premium most customer of One card and use the card regularly for huge amounts every month. Expecting positive resolution from your end. In case of any discrepancies you can contact me on my mobile number.

Hyderabad 500061, Telangana

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