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This is with reference to my Order dated 19th June 2019. The product I received was a different style, clearly an error from your side. I received the product on 21st June and put a return request on 22nd June selecting – WRONG
The product was supposed to be picked up on 24th June. The agent didnt collect the return on 24th June after QC. After which I have made numerous calls & sent mails. Till now nothing is being done about it. Above that, I receive a mail stating that the correct product was sent from your warehouse with proper quality check & nothing will be done about it.
If that’s the case – then I would like you to compare the product ordered & the product received. I am shocked to the core. For absolutely no fault of mine and in a display of utter incompetence on your behalf, I am being made to suffer.  I am starting to think that I have been a victim of a fraud from and I am planning to take this to the competent authorities for a redressal.
I have never experienced such incompetence on any of the online shopping portals and being such an old & loyal customer to Myntra. Rest assured, I would never even think of using your portal in the future. NEVER AGAIN!

Khushbu Aggarwal
Chembur, Mumbai 400071, Maharashtra

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