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Solved Complaints 1

1. ICICI Bank wrongfully debits charges for alleged dishonor of cheque – Rs.55/-

Mr. Boopathi Manickam ( of Madurai, Tamilnadu had posted a complaint on 04-08-2009 about wrongful debit of charges by ICICI Bank for alleged dishonour of cheque. As per Mr. Manickam, the bank had failed to assign proper reason for the charges and had also not returned the cheque to him. The bank had itself represented the cheque which got cleared the second time. ICF took up the matter with the ICICI Bank and subsequently the charges were reversed. The issue was solved to Mr. Manickam’s satisfaction.

2. Complaint against’ for Cash Back offer – Rs.1980/-

Mr. Sai Shankar of Hyderabad ( bought tickets through by credit card on 27.03.09 ( round trip Hyderabad to coimbatore). Cash back of Rs.1980/- was promised to be credited to his credit card account within 30 days from date of travel (10th &onward 13th Apr’09-return). Mr. Sai Shankar had followed up for more than 15 times on STD phone , but everytime he was told that there was a technical problem and that cash back refund would happen within 7-10 days. When nothing happened till 21-07-2009, he posted a complaint with the Forum and the matter was taken up with Mr. Shankar finally got his cash back money on 07-08-2009.

3. Complaint against for refund – Rs.2,428/-

Ms. Indirani Rao ( of Mumbai had booked a ticket on GoAir from Mumbai to New Delhi through After the payment was made, she was advised by that the booking was unsuccessful as no tickets were available. Ms Rao called up the agency to complain, and was assured that the money would be refunded in a week’s time. However, she did not receive the refund till 18-07-2009 when she posted a complaint with the Forum. The Forum approached and could obtain her refund deductions on 24-07-2009.

4. Trouble with Samsung Mobile – Harassment by Service Centre, Dealer -Handset replaced by the Company

Mr. Tarun Kapur of 55 Adarsh Nagar, Iddgah Road, Moradabad-244001 posted a complaint with the forum on 10-07-2009 for the following : Problem with the functioning of handset, non-co-operative dealer and service centre. We had taken up the matter with Samsung and Mr. Kapur’s handset was replaced.

5. MakeMyTrip makes short-payment of refund amount – Rs.2,064/-

Mr. Girish Kumar Khare of Kanpur ( had posted a complaint with us on 07-07-2009 with regard to the short-payment received from MakeMyTrip towards cancellation of Tatkal Waiting List ticket for Kanpur to New Delhi route. The Forum took up the matter with MakeMyTrip and could successfully obtain the full refund for Mr. Khare.

6. LG replaces the defective Microwave Oven

Mr. Nitin Saxena( Nagpur had posted a complaint on 06-07-2009 with regard to his LG microwave oven giving frequent trouble. ICF had taken up the matter with LG and the oven was replaced by LG with a new one.

7. Refund delayed by MakeMyTrip – Rs.34,752/-

Mr. Shraddha Raikar of Mumbai ( had booked ticket from Mumbai to Chicago through on 09-06-2009 through his credit card. Due to some technical problem the ticket booking was not successful and finally Mr. Raikar opted for cancellation and refund. MakeMyTrip had been delaying the refund for more than three weeks and Mr. Raikar posted a complaint in the Forum. We took up the matter with MakeMyTrip and could obtain the refund for Mr. Raikar on 08-07-2009.

8. Complaint against ABN Amro for debiting twice for a single IRCTC ticket booking transaction – Rs.1290/-

Jahnavi Ayachitam of Bangalore had tried to book train ticket from IRCTC(site using ABNAMRO debit card on 2nd May 2009 for Rs.1290 from Bangalore to Hyderabad. The transaction did not go through and she booked the ticket with another debit card later. When she checked failed transactions in her IRCTC site, there was only one failed transaction with ABNAMRO. But when she checked her ABNAMRO account later the money was deducted twice. When she enquired ABNAMRO’s customer service, they said the money will be returned in two working days. After two days only one amount was credited back. On enquiry at ABNAMRO, they said the other transaction was successful and they can not return that money as it has been taken by IRCTC. However, IRCTC customer service said only one failed transaction has taken place and they have returned the money for that and there is no successful transaction with ABNAMRO. Following this Mr. Ayachitam mailed and phoned ABNAMRO several times but nothing happened. Subsequently, she posted a complaint in the Forum on 18-07-2009 and the Forum took up the matter with ABN AMRO and Ms. Jahnavi Ayachitam got the money back on 21-07-2009.

9. Complaint against MakeMyTrip for delaying the refund of amount wrongfully charged on customer’s credit card – Rs.17,140/-

On 16-06-2009 Mr. Nitin Sawant of Mumbai ( ) tried to book a ticket on Mumbai-Riyadh-Mumbai sector on for 18th travel date. However, the site did not take the booking due to problems with the credit card. Subsequently MakeMyTrip offered to book the ticket offline and Mr. Nitin accepted and paid in cash. On returning from his trip he found that the credit card had been charged with full ticket amount though the transaction for which had failed. Mr. Nitin Sawant promptly brought the matter to the notice of MakeMyTrip and demanded full refund. MakeMyTrip only made promises of refund but it was not forthcoming which prompted Mr. Sawant to post a complaint with ICF on 04-08-2009. ICF took up the matter MakeMyTrip and Mr. Nitin Sawant finally got his full refund and interest charged on credit card.

10.  Complaint against Kotak Mahindra Bank for illegal deduction of money from SB Account – Rs.2,500+

Mr. Ravi Ranjan Sinha( of Gurgaon had posted complaint in the Forum on 23-08-2009 that Kotak Mahindra had changed his SB a/c type with informing him and the bank had started deducting charges for non-maintenance of minimum balance in his account, which he was not subject to. The bank had deducted more than Rs.2500/- in the last three quarters. ICF took up the matter with Kotak Mahindra bank got the charges reversed.

11. SB account debited twice for a single ATM withdrawal – complaint against SBI, Bhopal – Rs.600/-

On 8-7-09 Mr. Alam of Bhopal ( had drawn a sum of Rs.600 and Rs.100 from Koh-e-Fiza Bhopal SBI ATM. He complained that his account was debited twice for Rs.600/-. He had lodged a complaint with the bank accountant on 10-07-2009 but there was no response from the bank. Mr. Alam posted his complaint in the ICF site on 31-07-2009 and ICF had duly taken up the matter with the higher authorities of the bank following which Mr. Alam got the money back in his account around 08-08-2009.

12. Recovery of unsettled Security Deposit amount from Reliance Communications – Rs.654.26

Mr. Chandra Mohan of Ghaziabad ( had surrendered his Reliance Landline on 01-03-2009 after settling all the outstanding bills and applied for the refund of security deposit Rs.1000/-. Reliance had assured that his deposit would be refunded within 90 days. However, Mr. Chandra Mohan did not receive his refund even after 90 and he took up the matter with Reliance Customer Care. Following this, Reliance made a refund of Rs.345.74 after deducting the bill charges that were raised after termination of the landline account. Mr. Chandra Mohan posted a complaint in the ICF site on 21-08-2009 for recovery of the balance security deposit amount. ICF took up the matter with the Reliance and after a couple of follow-up messages, Mr. Chandra Mohan got his refund of the balance deposit amount of Rs.654.26 on 09-09-2009.

13. Complaint against BlazeFlash couriers for delivering consignment at wrong address

Ms. Asha Kumari of Delhi ( had couriered a packet containing admission document (for National Institute of Construction Management and Research (NICMAR) 25/1 Balewadi, N.I.A. post office, Pune 411045, India) and DD for Rs.25,000 through BlazeFlash couriers on 08-08-2009. The courier packet was delivered at a wrong address by BlazeFlash courier. Inspite of Ms. Asha Kumari’s requests over phone to various personal at your office, the issue was not resolved. Ms. Asha posted her complaint in India Consumer Forum on 01-09-2009 and ICF took up thematter with BlazeFlash courier. Upon regular follow-ups with the courier company, packet was finally retrieved from the wrong address and got delivered to the correct addres by 10-09-2009.

14. Complaint against AutoIndia for non-receipt of dues

Mr.S.K.Gupta of Noida (, who was contracted by AutoIndia to work as an Auto Expert for their web portal, had posted a complaint in the Forum on 19-08-2009 with regard to non-receipt of his dues from AutoIndia. Mr. Gupta now confirms that an amicable settlement agreement has been reached between him and Mr. Binu T.G. of for settling the dues by

15. Kotak Mahindra Bank changes a/c type without information – deduct charges from account

Mr. Atul Jain of Indore ( had posted a complaint on 03-09-2009 in the Forum with regard to Kotak Mahindra Bank changing his account type and debiting his account for non-maintenance of average quarterly balance. ICF had taken-up the matter with Kotak Mahindra. The matter is now resolved and Kotak Mahindra has confirmed refunding of the debited amount.


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